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SteamCraft, Perilous Journeys, AetherCraft, the 3d10 system and any and all logos used in association are the trademarks of Perilous Journeys Publishing.    

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About Us

Perilous Journeys Publishing is committed to bringing easy-to-learn and easy-to-play games to the public.  Our games are designed to be intuitive to new gamers, as well as providing experienced gamers with a flexible mechanics that easily adjust to their play style.  

Perilous Journeys began with the production of the Perilous Journeys Fantasy RPG.  The goal was to put out a free RPG.  Soon, we realized the steampunk would be a trend and that a steampunk role-playing game could do very well.  In order to do this properly, we would need a publishing company and money.  Thus, we formed Perilous Journeys Publishing and ran our first successful Kickstarter to get SteamCraft into stores.  Since then, we have released additional products with and without Kickstarter support.  


We are always on the look out for additional writing and art talent.  Please email us with the subject line or writing submission or art submission.  In the case of writing, let us know what product line you are wanting to write and what type of project you have in mind.  For artists, please note we will not pay by the size of the art.  We pay by the piece and based on the level of detail.  We also encourage young talent with little to no experience in the gaming industry to contact us.  

Contact Us

Email: steamcraft@perilousjourneys.com

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