PJ Fantasy

Perilous Journeys is a skill based role-playing game that captures the freedom and simplicity of the world’s earliest role-playing games, but using modern mechanics.  Perilous Journeys hopes to give the players just enough rules to serve the function of facilitating game play, but in a way that does not tie the hands of the players or the GM.  It is meant to spur one’s creativity and desire to play not to confine one’s imagination.

The game features:

  • Eight playable races
  • Seven different magic types
  • Over thirty-five different abilities
  • Percentile Mechanics
  • Point-Based Character Creation
  • Guild System

Disclaimer:  This RPG was the first RPG we produced.  It was produced as a hobby RPG that was released as free PDF.  As such, it has some warts.  It is being made available temporarily while we remove those warts and add additional content for the forthcoming second edition.

You can download the game here