Shadows Over Newport

Shadows Over Newport is SteamCraft’s first setting expansion.  The city of Newport is a bustling tourist destination known for its elaborate Bourbon Quarter.  It has built its reputation of providing family entertainment by playing up the macabre aspects of the city. However, this is all fun and games meant to amuse the public – or is it?  

Below its exterior of a tourist trap lies a seedy underbelly of power struggles between street gangs and various occult groups. Adventurers to the city will have the opportunity to explore the mystery of The Gris and the mysterious mounds found throughout the area.  Rumors persist of corporate funded experiments of citizens to harvest organs for the rich as well as experiments to prolong life. Dissidents are locked up in asylums for attempting to speak the truth. Or, that is what the tabloids would have you believe.  

Shadows Over Newport is a conspiracy and gothic horror expansion for the award nominated SteamCraft RPG.  The expansion is detailed information about:

  • The history of Newport and the surrounding area.
  • An overview of life in the metropolis detailing what it is like to live in the city. This includes information of festivals, occupations, healthcare, government, police, and travel.
  • Adventure hooks and information about the true horror lurking in the shadows.
  • Details of each section of the city, each with this own flavor.
  • Details of Guilds, Gangs, and Corporations involved in the city.
  • New Items, Spells, and Monsters.
  • Expanded rules for weapon creation.
  • Introduces the optional 3d10 system for SteamCraft.