Wake the Dead

Introductory Adventure Trilogy of Steam, Intrigue, and Walking Corpses

Back in the alley, he’d seen the marks he needed to tag.  Now, he just needed to wait for the right time …

And right on cue, the lot of ’em marched out of the alley like they were on some idealistic crusade.  They certainly looked like nice enough people, but he knew that didn’t mean anything.  Even the nice ones could have some kind of terrible secret hidden up their sleeve along with their money.  Secrets, like the one in his coat pocket.

Tick. Tock.

Recently, the West End of New Arcadia has been plagued by a series of mysterious disappearances.  The corpses of the missing reappear, days later, unnaturally modified (some say mutilated) with mechanical contraptions.  The city leadership is growing worried.  Wanting to keep everything quiet, and out of the press, the New Arcadia Constabulary has hired you to investigate what is going on.  On the street, groups like yours are known as muckers; those who climb about trying to clean up the filth while making a healthy profit.  You are specialists brought in to to do off-the-books work for corporations, law enforcement, or anyone willing to pay for an unconventional solution to a potentially embarrassing problem.  

Wake the Dead is a SteamCraft adventure trilogy where players must hunt down one of the most dangerous threats facing the city of New Arcadia: technomancy, a forbidden magical art with often disastrous consequences.  Technomages and their monstrous creations might be lurking in shadowy alleys, behind corporate doors, or even in plain sight.  Will you root out the infestation and save the city, or will it fall victim to an army of undead mechanical monstrosities?

Perilous Journeys is a skill based role-playing game that captures the freedom and simplicity of the world’s earliest role-playing games, but using modern mechanics.  Perilous Journeys hopes to give the players just enough rules to serve the function of facilitating game play, but in a way that does not tie the hands of the players or the GM.  It is meant to spur one’s creativity and desire to play not to confine one’s imagination.